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Reverse climate change, Regrow the world.

Oncra supports the 500 million farmers, builders, and sea heroes reversing climate change.

What does Oncra stand for?

Open. No up-front costs, radical transparency, understandable and accessible data means everyone can join the cleanup.

Natural. All projects Oncra supports are nature-based and have positive impacts on ecosystem integrity.

Carbon. Carbon is the building block of the New Nature Economy, which is circular and biobased. Oncra projects accelerate this transition.

Removal. To remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere, Oncra only quantifies and certifies real, measurable carbon dioxide removal.

Accounting. Oncra provides tools, protocols and services that make carbon accounting and monetisation accessible to all.

The framework

Oncra certifies projects that store carbon in rocks, oceans, land and constructions. It is built on the IPCC CDR Taxonomy and the EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF).

Rock Stored Carbon measures the sequestration of atmospheric CO2 through enhanced weathering of rocks and minerals, such as olivine. In effect, this technique replicates the process of soil formation, the basis of all terrestrial life.

Land Stored Carbon measures the enhanced sequestration of atmospheric CO₂ by terrestrial (agricultural) ecosystems. It measures increases in above-ground biomass, below-ground biomass and stable biomass (e.g., biochar).

Ocean Stored Carbon measures the enhanced sequestration of atmospheric CO₂ by marine (agricultural) ecosystems. Solutions include mangroves, seaweed, seagrass, oysters, biomass sinking, and much more. The potential is limitless!

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