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Ballast Nedam Development partners with Climate Cleanup

Proud to announce that Climate Cleanup Foundation is partnering with construction frontrunner Ballast Nedam Development to measure and monetise the #carbon stored in their #biobased construction projects. This morning, we launched our collaboration in the historic Amsterdam Conference Centre Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam Stock Exchange), a location that highlights the marriage between the financial potential of carbon removal credits and the physical reliability of biobased materials. In this iconic building we opened the market for carbon removal credits generated with biobased construction materials. These credits will provide finance to transition the construction and real estate sector from a major polluter to a net carbon remover. 

This launch, now during #cop28 follows the launch of Oncra (Open Nature Carbon Removal Accounting framework) last year at COP27. 

Over the coming months, our team will be working hard to publish the calculations and certificates for the first #CDR projects operated by Ballast Nedam Development. Sign up for the pre-purchase of credits generated with these project through the contact form here. Other biobased construction pioneers are invited to join in developing biobased construction as a reliable and scalable climate solution. 

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