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For the worlds best buyers – Oxford Principles

We require buyers to adhere to the Oxford Principles. This means that you

  1. Reduce your emissions first, use high quality compensation and regularly review the compensation strategy as the procedures and methods (best practices) used evolve.
  2. Shift from offsetting through carbon reduction to offsetting through carbon removal and storage.
  3. Shift to high-quality, long-term storage with a low risk of reversal.
  4. Support research and development of methods and strategies aimed at carbon

The Oncra framework is intended to facilitate carbon removers to sell their removal credits to buyers who want to help remove CO2 from the air or sea, by reducing the cost threshold and expanding the scope of removal pathways. The Oncra fee structure, without upfront costs for the Remover, lowers the threshold for carbon market entry. This way, we facilitate the growth of new removal companies and strategies in line with what the climate crisis needs.

More detailed information on Oncra removal credits?
Read our FAQ and Guidelines.