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Wir sind eine Gruppe unternehmerischer Menschen, die sich zum Ziel gesetzt haben, die globale Erwärmung umzukehren.

Oncra is the world’s first Open Natural Carbon Removal Framework. It operates as a lean and trustworthy certifier for nature-based carbon removal projects, in close collaboration with local governments (provinces), the European Commission and a wide network of innovative entrepreneurs who sequester carbon with nature-based processes. Supported by ASN Bank, the Province of Gelderland and Zuid-Holland, Oncra was launched at the COP27 UN climate conference in Egypt. Oncra aims to grow as the Simple, Open and Synergetic framework that will enable many of the 500 million farmers, builders and seaweed innovators in the world to account for and monetise the carbon they store.

Oncra is an intervention by Climate Cleanup Foundation, an Amsterdam based non-profit, which has as its goal to reverse climate change by removing carbon with innovative entrepreneurship and nature. Further details about the foundation can be found at klimareinigung.org.

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