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Oncra operates as an independent, non-profit organization, adhering to science-based principles that prioritize measured data and empirical crediting standards.

If you are actively removing carbon using nature-based solutions such as carbon farming, seaweed cultivation, enhanced weathering innovation, bio-based construction, or other methods, Oncra offers an open-source accounting framework for carbon removal without upfront costs.

Contact us to receive a draft contract and together determine your data needs. As ONCRA simply helps you to meticulously keep your carbon storage data, we always have an open and honest relationship with buyers and you will not miss the opportunity of monetizing your positive climate impact. Note that all Removers will be subject to strict ‘Know-Your-Customer’ background checks.

Oncra Removal Certificates are directly purchased from removers. You can find and purchase available certificates listed on, a page created by Climate Cleanup. Brokers and other interested parties are welcome to contact us for more information on selling Oncra certificates.