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Oncra focuses exclusively on natural carbon removal pathways, relying on precise measurements rather than estimates. It ensures reputation safety by exclusively accommodating sustainable buyers, excluding those with a fossil core business.

Nature based carbon removal

Measurement and data driven

Oncra adheres to the Oxford Principles to ensure transparency, accountability, and robustness in carbon accounting. These principles provide a sound foundation for credible and scientifically rigorous carbon removal practices, aligning with Oncra’s commitment to maintaining high standards in the field.

  1. Prioritise reducing your own emissions first, ensure the environmental integrity of any offsets used, and disclose how offsets are used.
  2. Shift offsetting towards carbon removal, where offsets directly remove carbon from the atmosphere;
  3. Shift offsetting towards long-lived storage, which removes carbon from the atmosphere permanently or almost permanently; and
  4. Support for the development of a market for net zero aligned offsets.

Visit the website of the University of Oxford to read more about these principles.