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Oncra methodology

Enabling many thousands of carbon removing entrepreneurs to sell their carbon – the right way.

Oncra is a framework that facilitates carbon removers while combining the most bespoke and accurate carbon accounting practices for nature-based solutions. Oncra was born out of necessity and the realization that all the elements for truly holistic accounting for nature-based solutions seemed to be in place, but no one was connecting the dots in an open, transparent, innovation driving and removal-centered way.

Oncra is based on established accounting methods for carbon removal, as developed by parties such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), European Commission (EC), Gold Standard, Verra and initiatives like Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Platform Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF). Methods are considered as the broad set of standards that determine how emission reductions and removals should be accounted for. As the field of carbon removal is relatively new, Oncra supports the development of sector-specific removal accounting protocols that build on the logic and accuracy of existing methods.

All Protocols contain specific accounting rules for removal pathways. They are not what many call ‘Methods’, but may refer to existing accounting methods as indicated in the Guidelines and Accounting Stack. Each project or value-chain description in the protocols should ideally be not longer than two pages A4, and contain at least a description of the removal process, system, credit point, metric and MRV Protocol. This approach enables a rigorous yet fast and simple certification process.

What makes Oncra unique?

Oncra is for carbon removal with natural pathways only. It is reputation safe, as it is the only removal accounting framework that excludes buyers with a highly polluting, fossil core business. On top of that, Oncra facilitates innovation by offering certification pathways for lower TRL levels. See the Oncra Guidelines for details.

“Oncra facilitates removers working with nature while protecting buyers‘ reputation

Rigorous and scientifically based assessments

ISO standards, established by the International Organization for Standardization in Switzerland, provide the basis for rigorous and scientifically based assessments. These include ISO 14064-1 (on quantification of greenhouse gas emissions and removals), ISO 14064-2 (with guidance at project level) and ISO 14064-3 (on validation and verification). All calculations must follow the principles of a full life cycle analysis, as specified in ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

For more information on how Oncra works, read our Guidelines here.